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From the 17 October the use of glue boards will be illegal in Wales

PGM & SON; From the 17 October the use of glue traps will be illegal in Wales


From 17th October 2023, use of rodent glue boards will be banned in Wales.

The ban, under The Agriculture (Wales) Act 2023 was given Royal Assent on 17th August 2023.

This means that use of rodent glue boards in Wales can carry a penalty of imprisonment for up to six months or an unlimited fine, in line with most of the Part 1 offences within the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

From the 17 October the use of glue traps will be illegal in Wales

Although industry organisations lobbied to retain use of rodent glue boards by professionals, they were unable to influence the outcome.

Wales therefore becomes the first nation in the UK to introduce a ban on the use of rodent glue boards.

Commenting on the ban, Phil Martin of PGM & Son Pest Control operating in Herefordshire on the border of Wales, said:

"The ban and its possible extension to other nations across the UK won’t impact us. We operate an integrated rodent management approach; we encourage prevention over eradication, proofing, good housekeeping and hygiene is essential and where eradication is necessary it should be short-term putting less chemicals into the environment for shorter periods of time. This reduces the risk to non-target species as well as the environment. Removing food sources may be a necessity and other non-chemical options include use of traps and monitoring so glue boards aren’t necessary.”

We’ve never used rodent glue boards; I understand that many pest controllers do feel there is a place for them but I disagree.

The ban means many pest controllers will have to change the way they manage rodent infestations.

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