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Wasp Nest Removal Herefordshire | We Have It Covered!







Wasps causing a nuisance?

Have you got a wasp nest you need removing?

Do you need someone to help get rid of your wasps’ nests?

Got Wasps? We Have It Covered! We are your local pest control company covering Herefordshire.
Got Wasps? We Have It Covered! We are your local pest control company covering Herefordshire.

Got Wasps? Don’t panic! – call PGM & Son Pest Control Herefordshire today

on 07964 370480.

We’ll get rid of wasps for you, treat wasps’ nests and destroy and remove wasps’ nests for you. And we don’t just stop at tackling wasps’ nests – give us a call if you’ve got a hornet problem or any other pest problem for that matter!

Wasps are an asset to the environment as they control other small pests. However, we know they can be a nuisance and potentially dangerous to some people and pets.

At PGM we always look at ways to resolve the problem both for the client, their family and in consideration of the wider environment. Call us for advice and solutions.


Common wasp, German wasp (Vespula Vulgaris / Vespula Germanica).


You may find nests in the following areas:

  • Roof spaces

  • Wall cavities

  • Trees

Nests are formed of paper (chewed wood) and the sizes vary. Colonies will survive one season in the UK. Weather depending, a new nest starts around Spring by the over-wintered Queen. Wasps may be aggressive is threatened. Some people are allergic to wasp stings and they can be fatal.


  • The cycle is: egg, larvae, pupa, adult

  • Eggs are laid (up to 1000) in hexagonal cells throughout the Spring and Summer

  • The larvae are legless grubs and they develop in 4 weeks

  • The pupae develop in 2 weeks


  • Adults are winged and around 10-20mm long

  • They have a distinctive black and yellow colouration

  • Queen wasps are the same but much larger Sluggish behaviour and a low bumbling buzz.

  • You will hear them, see them and may even be stung by them

  • Sometimes their nests are also seen and they can also be very large

Control Measures

  • They are relatively easy to control with sprays and dust applicators

  • Safety clothing should be worn when treating a wasp nest, especially in an enclosed location

At PGM & Son we see a lot of problems with wasps in Hereford the surrounding areas. Wasps can inflict a painful sting and in some rare cases a single sting can induce anaphylactic shock – an extreme reaction to the toxins in the wasps venom.

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