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Beating The Bugs!

At this time of year, many homes experience higher levels of damp and mould caused by cranking the heating up, keeping the windows closed and drying clothes indoors.

This causes condensation which has no-where the escape and that’s when you might see damp and mould on walls and around window frames in particular. It can also be a big problem in the loft as lots of newer homes benefit from insulation which is great for keeping warm but not so good for dispersing condensation.

Like damp and mould, insects and bugs thrive in warm conditions where a water source is available. And, many insects, such as cockroaches, like to feast on soggy wood and wallpaper that the damp produces.

There’s a few simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of damp, mould and bugs:

1. Keep all rooms to a steady low temperature – it doesn’t help keep changing the temperature frequently from room to room.

2. Air the property properly – if it’s too cold to open the windows make sure you are opening up any vents and making use of air bricks.

3. Keep your loft space as clear as possible particularly if you have thick insulation and an open water tank – consider covering the water tank to avoid further condensation.

4. Use a clothes’ horse to dry your laundry rather than covering up all the radiators.

5. Make good use of your cooker hood and bathroom ventilator. And, if you use a de-humidifier then don’t rely on it as a long term method of fixing the problem as it’s only masking it.

6. Seek professional advice to treat damp and mould.

And if you find you’re sharing your home with bugs and insects like cockroaches as well as damp and mould, call in the expert pest controllers to help. Call PGM & Son to help get rid of your insect and bug problems - we inspect, detect and protect the whole of Herefordshire!

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