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Doing Battle With The Hornet

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

The hornet tends to be a cause for concern for most people and around this time of year we get a lot of frantic calls about them.

But what is the truth about hornets? Are people right to be afraid them? In this blog we try and dispel some of your fears about the awesome hornet.

Hornet Statistics

Weight Category: Heavyweights

Well, for starters they are big; larger than the common wasp coming in at around 19-35mm in length making them contenders in the heavy weight category of the wasp family.

Reach & Knock Outs (Kos): Super Stingers

Hornet stings can be much more painful than a typical wasp sting due to the levels of venom they carry and, like wasps, they are capable of stinging multiple times.

Reputation: Fearsome

Due to their size and features they are formidable looking opponents. They’re also quite loud – a nest of hornets can sound quite frightening.

Hornet Record

It may surprise you to know that, despite appearances, the hornet is not an aggressive pest. In fact, hornets are considered to be quite shy insects. And, away from the nest, it is very rare to encounter a run-in with a hornet. Not only are hornets passive pests they are relatively uncommon.

Plus, hornets are great for the environment – they are important pollinators and nature’s pest controllers as they feast on aphids, making them a gardener’s best pal.

So our advice is to leave your hornet alone to do its job.

If you’ve found a hornet’s nest you should call a professional pest controller to give you advice and NEVER APPROACH OR TOUCH OR ATTEMPT TO MOVE A HORNETS NEST YOURSELF.

If you’ve got a hornet nest, don’t panic – call PGM & Son Pest Control Herefordshire today on 07964 370480 or email us at . We’ll get rid of hornets for you, treat hornets’ nests and destroy and remove hornets’ nests for you.

And we don’t just stop at tackling hornets’ nests – give us a call if you’ve got a wasp problem or any other pest problem for that matter!


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