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Flies causing you a problem?

Call PGM & Son, Hereford Pest Control – We’ve got it covered!


Lockdown is proving difficult for everyone but one thing we can be happy about is the, mostly, good weather we’ve had over the last couple of months.

Spring is mostly definitely in the air and it’s been lovely to see the gardens full of blooming flowers, green grass and lambs in the fields (on the daily exercise of course!).

As always, when the good weather comes in along comes the flies. And, with famers starting to spread muck on the fields the fly population is on the increase.

Why are flies a problem?

Whilst most of us can put up with a fly or two having hoards of flies in your home or business can start to cause problems.

Apart from being a real nuisance, the main problem is cross-contamination that can lead to some serious illnesses. Flies feed by vomiting onto the food surface and sucking up the resultant liquid. Meaning that the fly contaminates the food with bacteria from its gut and feet and this is how flies transmit food poisoning, typhoid or cholera. Also, eggs of parasitic worms may be carried by flies.

Good housekeeping and regular hygiene is essential, particularly in homes and businesses serving food. We’re all having to employ additional hygiene measures with Covid-19 in the community so the good news is those measures may help to keep your fly problem down.

As a reminder of some easy steps to keep the flies out:

  • Try to dispose of the recycling and rubbish quickly

  • Make sure rubbish bins are clean with tight fitting lids

  • Fit windows and doors with fly screens

  • Keep food covered and preferably in cupboards and fridges

  • Sticky fly papers can be used, which may help. Change them regularly

  • Businesses which serve food on the premises can install ultra-violet electric fly killing machines – ask our advice for the best placement of such machines

  • Wipe down surfaces and keep dish cloths clean with disinfectant

  • Pick up pet waste as soon as possible and dispose of safely

  • Make sure pet food is not left down after meal times

Cluster flies can cause a particular problem as the weather warms up. They’ve spent the Autumn and Winter hibernating and emerge in Spring seeking out egg laying sites outside.

You may notice the characteristic smell of a mass of cluster flies. They are sluggish in flight and a nuisance in the house. There is one species of cluster fly which is far more prevalent in rural areas such as Herefordshire due to the fact they are parasitic on earthworms.

If you had a cluster fly problem treated previously, unfortunately you are more likely to suffer from the problem again because cluster flies are known to return to the same location year after year.

We’re a local run family pest control business serving Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Call us today for all your pest control needs.

If you’re having a problem with house flies, cluster flies, blue bottles or any other pests call PGM & Son Hereford for advice and solutions.


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