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Get wise to the flies this summer

Flies getting you down? Fed up with swatting them away from your food? Irritated by the constant buzzing?

You’re not alone – many householders and businesses suffer from fly problems this time of year.

And there’s good reason to be concerned about flies as they are disease transmitters, meaning they are potentially harmful to humans and animals.

So not only are flies a nuisance but they can spread diseases such as dysentery and food poisoning.

Some types of flies, such as horse flies, can also give a painful bite - ouch!

Flies such as the common household fly breed in rotten food, rubbish and manure – which can be a bit of a nightmare for residents of rural Herefordshire which is a prime breeding ground for flies at this time of year when farmers are finishing up their muck spreading.

Businesses, particularly those in the food industry such as hotels, restaurants and cafes, really suffer at this time of year because of the nuisance factor (who likes to enjoy their meal with a bunch of flies?) but, more worryingly, the potential health hazards they present.

If you’re finding your fly is not such a ‘fly guy’ then call us today for help and advice or book an appointment via our website

There’s lots we can do to help, including treating infestations, supplying electric machines and traps and giving advice and guidance on keeping your fly numbers down.

In the meantime, our top five tips for keeping out the flies in your home this summer are:

1. Pick up your pet poo! Flies love to breed in faeces so pick it up and dispose of it

2. Flies are attracted to odours so keep your bins clean, regularly emptied, sealed and away from the house

3. Give your drains a good maintenance and overhaul – make sure they’re working properly and free from blockages

4. Consider installing fly screens on windows and doors and keep them in good repair

5. Make sure you don’t have any other pest problems that might be making the problem worse – flies lay eggs on rotting carcasses so if you’ve any dead rodents or birds or other dead animals on the property, get them removed – or call PGM & Son to do it for you!

Get wise to the flies and call PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford to help.

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