• PGM & SON Pest Control

Getting Ready to Re-Open Your Business?

As Hereford businesses start to get ready to re-open to the public again on 12th April now is the time to check your business premises for any potential pest issues.

What can PGM & SON Pest Control Hereford offer Herefordshire businesses in the run up to re-opening?

  • PEST HEALTH CHECK: Pre-opening survey of your business premises to check for pests / pest problems

  • ERADICATION: If you have a pest problem, we can exterminate for you

  • PEST WASTE CLEANING: Pests been living in your business premises whilst closed? We can come in and clean up the mess for you

  • PROOFING: Pest proofing works to minimise the risk of your business being hit by a pest problem again

  • PEST MANAGEMENT: Ongoing pest management services; essential for businesses operating in the food sector

We’ve seen a significant increase in rats over the Winter as rodents have taken advantage of our changing behaviour and adapted readily to the situation.

Our Top Ten tips for getting ready to Re-Open Pest-Free in April:

1. Visit your premises now to check inside and outside for evidence and signs of pests. Keep an eye out for droppings; strong urine smells; gnaw marks; damage to property and materials; eggs; shed skin or pest themselves!

2. Check your neighbouring properties for any signs of pests which might spill out into your business.

3. Carry out essential maintenance work – clear and fix drain covers and air brick covers; make sure gaps around external pipes are sealed and clear rubbish and debris.

4. Check the condition of your pest management equipment. Check any existing bait boxes and traps are in good working order. Make sure fly screens are in good repair and electric fly machines are working properly and clean.

5. Remove all waste and make sure it is collected or taken to a refuse site.

6. Replace any damaged containers and bins. Make sure your containers and bins have secured lids.

7. Dispose of any contaminated foodstuffs or foodstuffs.

8. Check essential equipment such as electrical cables for signs of damage. Rodents can cause significant damage to cables and pipes.

9. Thoroughly clean your premises to the required standards.

10. If you find you have a pest issue – call in the pest professionals!