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Got a Bee Nest in Herefordshire?

What to do if you have a bees nest in Hereford?...Leave them Bee!


What great weather we’re having! And we’re starting to see lots of bees pollinating like crazy.

At PGM & Son Pest Control WE LOVE OUR BEES!

Bees are the key workers of the insect kingdom – they are critical to our eco-system and it is essential that they are protected. Research estimates that bees pollinate a third of all crops, including those which are used to feed livestock to you can see how important they are to the planet.

And we reckon our local farmers deserve a big pat on the back for reducing the use of damaging crop sprays. They’ve been doing their bit for our great Herefordshire countryside. And let’s not forget about the conscientious pest controllers amongst us who are taking steps to look after our precious bee population and avoiding unnecessary pest treatments.

Did you know that 25% of all bee types are endangered?


Our advice to the public is always LEAVE THE BEES ALONE if you can, and let them go about their very important business.

During lockdown when lots of children are at home encourage your children to observe the bees going about their work. They are fascinating creatures – bees are not usually aggressive but as with any insect or animal you should respect them so keep your distance if you want to watch them as they pollinate.

Top Tip - Tell children they need to social distance with bees as well!

The other important thing to remember is that bees will go away and not return to the nesting site after the summer. In fact, by the time most people notice a colony, the activity will be naturally declining.

What to do if you have bees

  1. Leave them Bee!

  2. If you are watching their fascinating work – social distance yourself!

  3. When it’s hot bees will be more active so as this is normal, don’t panic!

  4. Contact a local beekeeper to see whether they can relocate the nest for you (but only if it’s necessary and you are unable to leave it where it is).

  5. If you are worried about bees, give us a call at PGM & Son Hereford as we can talk to you about why bees are important and set your mind at rest about the risk to you. In most cases, the risk of being stung will be very low.

In rare situations bees can be hazardous and, where there is a threat to the public, you can contact a pest controller to address the problem.

So if you have a bee problem you need help with, give PGM & Son Pest Control a call so we can discuss a range of solutions with you, which enable us to live in harmony with our friends the bees. Email us at or call us on 01981 241334 / 07964 370480 or use our contact us page on the website for a free no-obligation quote.


And, if you want to know more about how we carry out our pest control work safely during the Covid-19 pandemic, visit our website for more information:





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