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Hereford, Need to get rid of a wasps nest?

Worried about Wasps? If you’ve got a wasp nest in Herefordshire call PGM & Son Wasp Control to deal with it for you.


With already a sharp incline in the wasp calls, this week we’re looking at some interesting facts about wasps and why wasps aren’t all bad.

Some interesting wasp facts

Did you know:

  • There are over 7,000 species of wasp in the UK?

  • A spider wasp will paralyse their prey and their larvae then eat their spider victim alive! They are the insect version of Hannibal Lecter!

  • The UK weather helps to manage our wasps - the biggest wasp nests are generally found in Australia where the winter climate is milder – there can be up to two million workers in those nests – imagine! In the UK we don’t generally see our wasp nests getting that big as the winter tends to stop them growing to their full potential.

  • Honey bees die when they sting but if a wasp loses its sting, it will just make more venom – this makes them a formidable insect warrior!

  • A social wasp that is upset will emit a pheromone which is like a call for help from other wasps. A entire upset wasp colony means big trouble!

  • Even though a wasp nest can typically hold thousands of wasps, there is only ever one Queen – Girl Power!

Wasp benefits

  • Wasps are an important contributor to the eco-system – they are early pollinators

  • Wasps are a natural predator – they help keep the insect and spider population down

  • Wasps are a gardeners’ friend – they keep catch insect prey such as caterpillars and green fly

If you’ve got a wasp nest in your home, garden, shed, eaves give us a call PGM & Son Wasp Control will deal with all your wasp problems.

If you are a business or public service across Herefordshire and you have a problem with wasps, call us at PGM & Son Wasp Control Hereford as we can treat any wasp nest that may present a risk to your customers or the public.

If you have a wasp problem, give PGM & Son Hereford a call – we offer a fast, reliable, local service across Herefordshire.

Call PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford on 01981 241334 or 07964 370480 today to help with all your pest needs. Email us at or check us out on social medial @pgmpestcontrol


Need a Wasp Nest Removed?

Wasp nest treatment required?

Looking for Wasp control?

Call PGM & Son Wasp Control – Pest Control Solutions across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.


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