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Is your Business Safeguarded from Pests?

Is your business safeguarded from Pests?

Pests can spread disease, damage products, foodstuffs and property. They can ruin your reputation, leading to potential loss of business or even prosecution. Are you and your customers properly protected? Failure to comply with legal requirements to provide a safe working environment can be costly. Food operators can face closure, fines and even prison for failing to put adequate pest prevention procedures in place. At PGM & SON we will help meet your ‘due diligence’ requirement. As fully insured members of BPCA (British Pest Control Association) we operate a safe system of work using Risk and COSHH assessments.

Managing pest control is part of good business practice

Is your business fully protected from the threats posed by public health pests?

Pest control management involves identifying and dealing with potential risks from food pests before they turn into a major problem and contaminate food stuff. Good pest control should concentrate on preventing the pests gaining access to food stocks and food rooms in the first place. Even if you discover a pest problem before a customer's health is put at risk, having to throw stock away because of damage caused by pests can prove to be very expensive to any business. Our membership of BPCA is an assurance that we can keep it safe!

Could your business have a pest problem?

PGM & SON are professionals and trusted by BPCA to identify pests, provide treatment advice and eradicate issues in a safe and effective way. You may need to contract an outside company to help you deal with pests.

Using a professional pest control company to help keep your premises pest-free or to get rid of a pest problem does not mean that you can pass all responsibility on to them. However, a contract with an outside company can be a vital part of your pest-control management system. This will not only help to keep your workplace healthy and prevent food from becoming contaminated, but it will also help prove a 'due diligence' (legal defence) if your business needs to show the authorities that you did all you could to prevent an infestation.

A good pest controller is not just someone who turns up to put traps and poison down. They should inspect and monitor conditions, highlight problems advise you on how to prevent pests and suggest improvements where necessary.

You should consider your pest control contractor to be part of the team whose role it is to keep food pests away from your premises.

We believe in putting customers first

Our membership of BPCA shows our commitment to delivering the highest standards of service. As members of BPCA, we follow industry Codes of Practice and are regularly audited against BS EN 16636 – the benchmark of quality for pest management operators across Europe.

Inadequate pest control can have catastrophic effects on public health. As fully-qualified experts, we’ll do the job properly – and our membership of BPCA proves we’re up to the task! We're always on the 'phone for advice, so don't worry about your pest problems, give us a call now on 01981 251116.





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