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Pass the Pest Test and Re-Open your Business After Lockdown in Herefordshire.

If you want to open up your business pest free in Hereford as the lockdown restrictions ease check out our handy guide below.

Whether you closed your business voluntarily prior to the lockdown or whether the Government’s rules forced you to close, the checklist below will help you to open up your business safely.


See our handy checklist below for tips on how to open your business pest-free.

Visit your business to check for pest activity:-
  • Inspect the interior and exterior of the premises for signs of pests or pest activity which may include the smell of urine; droppings; damage to the property or packaging and products; gnaw marks; eggs; shed skin; track marks; insect excrement and webbing. If you see a pest you know you have a problem!

  • If you left food items behind when you closed your business you may have attracted pests even if food stuffs were in sealed containers. Rodents can gnaw through packaging quite easily with their strong teeth so don’t assume your stored food is safe

  • Check for access points – mice can get through gaps as small as the end of a bic biro so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Look to see whether your neighbouring properties may have any visible evidence of pest activity

Make sure all routine maintenance jobs are carried out:-
  • Check for damage to property – rodents can gnaw through wood, cables and soft metals.

  • Check your water pipes and electricals.

  • Check your cold water tank for contamination from squirrel droppings and urine.

Carry out thorough cleaning and hygiene throughout site / premises:-
  • Thoroughly clean your premises to the required standards

  • Remove all waste and ensure it is collected or taken to a refuse site

  • Ensure all food sources are safely secured

  • Replace any damaged containers

  • Dispose of any contaminated foodstuffs or foodstuffs in damaged containers

  • Position containers off the ground

Check the condition of your pest management equipment:-
  • Bait boxes are in good condition and secured to the property where appropriate

  • Traps are in good working order

  • Check fly screens are secure and carry out repairs if damaged

  • Check electric fly killer machines are in working order and change bulbs if needed

  • Arrange for your electric fly machines to be serviced

Remember – carcasses must be disposed of safely

If you identify pest activity or a pest infestation, make sure you deal with it quickly and safely


Do you have a pest controller?

If your business kept its pest management programme going during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown period, then your business should already be well prepared to re-open this month.

Food businesses – know the law!

As a food business, the law says that you must keep your premises pest free. There are some key pieces of legislation that you need to be aware of:

  • Food Safety Act 1990