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Pest Quiz

PGM & SON; Pest Quiz

Today’s Pest Quiz

Question: Which pest is NOT considered a public health risk?

1. Rat

2. Mouse

3. Clothes Moth

4. Cockroach

5. Flea

Answer: The Clothes Moth.

Moths do not spread disease or bite humans but they are still considered a pest as they can cause significant damage to property including clothes, carpets, curtains and other textiles.

Rats and mice carry some nasty diseases and urinate wherever they go which presents a significant risk to public health. Find out more about Rat and Rodent Removal.

Cockroaches are vectors of some serious diseases and contaminate everything they come into contact with. Find out more about Cockroach Control.

Fleas don’t commonly spread disease they bite, and flea bites can cause irritation and infection. Recent studies suggest that the Black Death was caused not by rats but fleas. Find out more about Flea Control.

If you are having an issue with rats, mice, moths, cockroaches or fleas call PGM & Son Pest Control to deal with the pest problem for you. Call us on 01981 540088 or visit our website at or drop us an email to


PGM & SON Pest Prevention Tips

Inspect the home for entry points: Pests can enter a home through the smallest of cracks and crevices, so it is important to inspect your home carefully for any potential entry points. Check around windows and doors, as well as in any areas where plumbing or wiring enters the home.

Seal cracks and crevices: Once you have identified any potential entry points, take steps to seal them up with caulk or other appropriate materials. This will help prevent pests from entering your home.

Store food properly: To discourage pests from entering your home, make sure all food is stored properly. This means keeping all food items in tightly sealed containers, and making sure all surfaces are wiped down after cooking or eating.

PGM & SON; Award Winning Pest Control Services

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