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PGM Charity Team – Supporting Our Armed Forces

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

PGM & Son Pest Control is a small family business serving the local Herefordshire community. We often get asked about the “& Son” and so here’s an update on how the younger family members support the business and wider community!

Still learning the ropes our son (Joe) and daughter (Ellie) are taking on the ultimate obstacle course at Hereford Racecourse on 24th June in support of ssafa – The Armed Forces Charity. They will be joined by our niece (Jess) and nephew (Alex) who you can see sporting a respirator on our website whilst on a rodent job!

Herefordshire has close, historic links to the Armed Forces community. Ssafa do a fantastic job in supporting members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families. Read about how a donation to ssafa can help those who really need your support:

Please help us to support them by either donating or liking and sharing our posts. Those who want to donate but prefer to do so offline can email us at or call us on 01981 241334 / 07964 370480 or use our contact us page on the website for more information. To donate please click here

PGM & Son is a local pest control company serving the local Hereford community. We're a family business with family values and we're delighted that our younger family members have decided to take part in this year's Furlong Fury event to raise funds for Hereford ssafa. 2018 marks the centenary of the Armistice. We believe it's important for our young people to remember those who gave, and continue to give, their lives for our freedoms.

PGM Pest Control has sponsored team shirts for the event and will be making a donation to ssafa - please join us in supporting our Armed Forces, veterans and their families. 

If you'd prefer to donate offline please contact us via our website at 

Event details

Furlong Fury - the ultimate obstacle challenge

This is more than just a race. The challenge will take runners around two laps of the racecourse with a 24 furlong route (5k) and over (or under) 20+ major obstacles – from cargo net crawls to mud baths, flying monkey bars to high walls, and YES LOTS and LOTS of mud! 

The PGM team will be testing their camaraderie to the limit.

Go Alex, Jess, Ellie & Joe!

Event date

24-June-2018 11:00  -  14:00

Event type

Furlong Fury

We are proud to support and raise much needed funds for ssafa.

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