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PGM Pest Control 24 Hour Response! Hereford to Worcester

As a local family run business, we help and support our residential and commercial customers with all their pest control needs.

Some of the types of pests PGM & SON are experts at dealing with include; Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Bed bugs, Wasps, Woodworm, Carpet beetles, Carpet moths, Flies and Fleas.

Pests can damage property and their mess can quickly build up. Our Hygiene, Cleaning and Specialist Waste Clearance service is designed to tackle these problem areas within your business or home. Call us today for advice on 07964 370480.

Your Local Pest Controller Herefordshire & Worcestershire -------------------- PGM & SON PGM Pest Control T: 07964 370480 E:

PGM - Your Local Pest Control Company In Herefordshire

WHO ARE WE? PGM & SON provide pest control solutions to individuals and businesses across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. We offer a variety of techniques, including pesticide free and organic solutions, preventative and proofing works and more traditional methods. We can eradicate your pest problems - rats, mice, flies, fleas, squirrels, moles, rabbits, cockroaches, clothes & carpet moth, carpet beetles, bedbugs, wasps, bees, hornets, and birds. Call us now for a personal, polite, smart and professional service.

WHAT DO WE DO? PGM & SON provide pest control solutions to residential and commercial businesses across Herefordshire. Our company is a respected and experienced pest control service. Any of your bug and pest problems will be quickly eliminated with quality & guaranteed work by our professionally trained technicians who can control pests safely, legally and effectively.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services in Hereford

Ant Control – Some ant species can pose risks to the structure of a building whilst others can give a very nasty bite! By taking practical steps to eliminate ants and then ensuring you prevent a re-infestation, you can soon take control of the problem. Call us today for advice.

Bed Bug Control - We offer bed bug control for Herefordshire commercial properties such as B&Bs and hotel chains as well as Hereford residential premises. We bring our experience and know-how on every job. But what really sets our services apart from others is our attention to the unique needs of each client. We are your local pest controller in Hereford.

Bird Mite Control - Bird Mites are very small and are closely related to ticks. Like ticks, certain types of mites are parasitic on humans and will occasionally infest Hereford homes, commercial property and Herefordshire office buildings.

Carpet Beetle Control - Finding holes in your carpet, clothes and general upholstery in and around your home is the number one sign of carpet beetles. Although the name suggests they live within your carpet, they will also feast upon all sorts of fabric, clothing, furs, and stuffed specimens. Give us a call today to help inspect your Herefordshire home for pests.

Carpet Moth Control - If you notice small balding patches in the corners and at the edges of your carpets, the chances are that you have an infestation of carpet moths. This is a problem that needs immediate attention because it will continue to get worse. Carpet moths are stubborn when it comes to leaving your Hereford home!

Cluster Fly Control Services - As flies can enter your home or business every time someone opens a door, controlling them can be challenging. We can help with cluster fly control.

Cockroach Control - Cockroaches reproduce at record speed and they are disease carries so it’s important to treat a cockroach infestation as soon as one presents. Call PGM Pest Control Hereford at the first signs of activity to avoid serious related health risks.

Flea Control - Ridding a home of fleas can be a frustrating and costly endeavour. Unlike some pests encountered around the home, fleas cause discomfort and irritation to both pets and people.

Green Pest Control | Environmentally Friendly Pest Control in Hereford - Our green pest control solutions emphasise quality service, food safety, public safety, collaboration and communication, respect for the environment and the protection of your facility and reputation.

Hornet Nest Control - Hornets are an asset to the environment as they are important pollinators and natural predators. Often known as nature’s pest controllers, they control other small pests, such as aphids, making them a gardener’s best friend. However, we know they can be a nuisance and potentially dangerous to some people and pets.

Loft Clearance, Removal & Disposal of Contaminated Material Servicing Herefordshire & Worcestershire - PGM & SON are specialists in the removal of contaminated loft insulation, pipe lagging, pest corpses and pest faeces such as rat and mouse droppings and bird guano, including disinfection, cleaning and the laying of new insulation and pipe lagging throughout Herefordshire.

Mouse Control – Mice are a public health pest and can cause serious harm. They are carriers of nasty diseases such as salmonella and listeria which they can spread to humans. Mice can also multiple quickly which can increase the problem exponentially. Taking control of a mice infestation quickly is important, so call us today for help and solutions in Hereford.

Moth Control – Pretty much all moth types love to live in dirty, dark and humid places where nobody disturbs them for long periods. This gives them the time and freedom to destroy clothes and food. Call us today for advice on how to get rid of, and prevent, moths in the Herefordshire home and business.

Rat & Rodent Control - Unfortunately rats and mice live wherever humans live. These rodents have a remarkable ability to adapt and survive. As they forage for food, they will inadvertently contaminate food storage areas, and damage buildings, and other property by their constant gnawing and burrowing. They also can spread diseases to people and pets.

Silverfish Inspection and Extermination - Have you seen silverfish in your Hereford business or property? Silverfish may be an indicator of a damp problem so it’s always best to get it checked out. Silverfish are small wingless insects around 12mm long and silver in colour with a distinctive cigar-shaped body. Check your Hereford property or contact us today.

Wasp Nest Control Hereford -Wasps are an asset to the environment as they control other small pests. However, we know they can be a nuisance and potentially dangerous to some people and pets. Call our Herefordshire wasp control hotline if you have a wasp nest you need to get rid of.

Woodworm Infestation Control – Woodworm can cause very expensive damage to properties and woodworm itself can be difficult and costly to treat. DIY treatments are rarely effective so call in the professionals to treat your woodworm.




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