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PGM & SON - Leading Environmentally Friendly Pest Control throughout Herefordshire.

Environmentally Friendly

We carry the latest in effective environmentally friendly, non-toxic pest control products. Please ask us for more information. Residential homeowners may be more at risk from chemical-based pesticide products than from the insects they are trying to control. Parents looking to ensure the safety of children and pets should try safe, non-toxic control methods for controlling insect pests before resorting to potent chemical formulations. We assist our customers with preventative measures and proofing works to help protect their home and the environment too.

Our green pest control solutions emphasise quality service, food safety, public safety, collaboration and communication, respect for the environment and the protection of your facility and reputation. At PGM & SON we believe in having a minimal impact on the environment in everything we do.

This includes our technician route planning, fuel efficient vehicles, paperless billing, and most importantly the products we use to treat pest infestations. Many of the products we use have a minimal impact on the environment while increasing effectiveness.

And, we're keen to educate our customers and assist with proofing and preventative works to minimise the effect on the environment, your home, wildlife and other non target species. That's got to be a good thing!!

We are Hereford Pest Control Services, Driving Excellence in Pest Management.

Ten reasons why are we different to other pest control companies in Hereford?

  1. We Are Local and Family Run And Owned

  2. Fast Response

  3. Local BPCA Certified Pest Control Experts

  4. Honest And Reliable, We Put Our Customers First

  5. Fully Insured And Qualified

  6. Award Winning

  7. We Care About The Environment!

  8. Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

  9. We Provide An Education And Prevention Strategy

  10. Eco Friendly, Children And Pet Safe Pest Control Solutions

Inspect. Detect. Protect.

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