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The Importance of Proactive Pest Control

Before considering pest control have you got the basics right?

Are pests likely to find food sources, water and nice places for harbourage (places to live) in or around the vicinity of your business or home?

Everyone needs to take a close look at their surroundings and their own behaviour when the pests arrive.

If you can stop pests finding food, water and harbourage they won’t want to stay.

Why is proactive pest control so important?

Regularly using poisons is unethical because of the potential harm to non-target species. Accidental poisoning of other wild animals such as otters, owls and other birds of prey is common and don’t forget about domestic animals too – no-one wants to see their family dogs and cats fall foul to poisons laid down to treat vermin.

Additionally, there is the potential for the rodent population to build up a tolerance when using poisons. And pest controllers regularly see this, particularly when people use household poisons purchased from retailers.

The key message is that: good housekeeping may prevent up to 65% of potential pest activity.

At PGM & Son we offer advice and solutions, both for any existing problem and potential problem through our preventative pest control management. Call us today for help and advice.
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