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What can I do about Cluster Flies? Practical Tips and Solutions for Homeowners

Updated: Apr 2

What can I do about Cluster Flies? Practical Tips and Solutions for Homeowners

If you’re having an issue with cluster flies in Herefordshire or Worcestershire this April, you can try to reduce the numbers of cluster flies in your property by carrying out some basic property maintenance.

How to reduce the numbers of Cluster Flies

  • Seal gaps around your windows

  • Re-point your brickwork, especially around windows

  • Make use of fly papers

  • Hoover them up!

Unfortunately, though there is little you can do to stop flies getting in and if one fly can get in then so can many others.

Why am I seeing Cluster Flies now?

  • Cluster flies start to enter buildings during the autumn to escape the colder weather and to survive winter

  • As the weather starts to warm up in spring, they become active again and so more noticeable

  • Cluster flies are usually found in rural or semi-rural areas and can be found in loft spaces or sometimes in unused rooms, or around sash windows

  • Cluster flies are usually seen in large groups and will often be noticed around sunny windows

Should I be worried about cluster flies?

The answer is that cluster flies aren’t a public health issue as they aren’t “filth” flies but they can still be a public nuisance.

Cluster flies usually congregate in significant numbers and so create a mess and they can be very smelly. YUK!

Commonly, when opening a window or a loft hatch, people report experiencing a shower of cluster flies which is not pleasant.

Why do I have cluster fly problems every year?

Cluster flies tend to return to the same locations each year so unfortunately, if you have experienced a cluster fly issue previously you may well have the same problem again in future.

The good news is that cluster fly treatment is simple and effective.

You need to be realistic and appreciate that long term cluster fly prevention is difficult to achieve. It is possible to install electric fly killer machines but, again, you need to be realistic about what can be achieved where cluster fly numbers are significant.

What does a cluster fly look like?

They are dark greyish in colour and 8mm long with yellowish hairs on the back and overlapping wings.

Often you will find them congregating in large numbers in upper rooms or roof spaces of houses where they hibernate.

Cluster flies can seem sluggish and in number, they can cause a very unpleasant smell. PONGEY!

If you have a cluster fly problem, don’t worry, at PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford we have it covered!

As a professional, qualified pest control company we have access to solutions not available to the public and can treat your cluster fly problem for you. Learn more about our cluster fly control services.

If you have got a pest problem, it’s usually best to call in the professionals. For all your pest

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