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Why we didn’t treat your bees - We’re Leaving them Bee

PGM & SON Pest Control; Why we didn’t treat your bees - We’re Leaving them Bee

Bees around your property and business are very important and beneficial. Bees are pollinators and critical to our fragile ecosystem.

PGM & SON Pest Control; Gooden's Nomad bee (Nomada goodeniana)
Gooden's Nomad bee (Nomada goodeniana)

Bees do not normally exhibit aggressive behaviours towards humans and therefore leaving them to complete their full seasonal cycle is vital to our ecosystem.

Bees do not cause any problems to your property, and nor are you in danger of being stung, if they are left alone and unprovoked. After the summer season the bees will go away and not return to the nesting site the following year. Read more here >>

The protection and preservation of bees in the UK is crucial.

And as responsible pest management professionals we’ve pledged to educate our customers on the benefits of bees, taking any eradication action as a last resort.

Our mission remains to Leave them Bee!

If we didn’t treat your bees for you, it’s because we deemed them to be low risk to you or your customers. However, if the threat of bees changes you can always contact us for advice and guidance.


PGM & SON Pest Control; Why we didn’t treat your bees - We’re Leaving them Bee

Having a problem with Bees?

PGM & SON Pest Control will not treat bees unless there is a serious risk to public health. Bees are great for the environment and, as they are beneficial, we do not consider them to be a pest. Bees will not normally sting unless provoked so we encourage you to try to live in harmony with your bees. If, however, your bees are causing a nuisance we can suggest that you contact your local beekeeper who may be able to remove the swarm. Visit: Enter your postcode at the foot of the page to find your local beekeeper. Alternatively, you can contact the British Beekeepers Association on 0871 362 0138 (please note calls to this number cost 24p for the first minute and 9p per minute thereafter plus your phone company's access charge). They should be able to point you in the direction of the nearest beekeeper. If there is a risk to public health in Herefordshire or Worcestershire, you should contact PGM & SON Pest Control via the following methods: Telephone: 01981 241334 / 07964 370480 Email: or use our live chat facility on our website


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