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Have you seen silverfish in your business or property?

If you’ve got silverfish in Hereford, call PGM & SON

Silverfish Inspection & Control Hereford, for advice and solutions.


- This week, we’re looking at the problem of silverfish -

Silverfish are very common across the world and they thrive in human habitats due to our lifestyles.

Whilst silverfish are mostly considered to be a nuisance, if they increase in significant numbers, they can become a problem particularly in environments such as sterile places, for example, hospitals.

Silverfish are small wingless insects around 12mm long and silver in colour with a distinctive cigar-shaped body.

Silverfish may be an indicator of a damp problem so it’s always best to get it checked out.

Where you might find silverfish

You will probably find them in damp areas, commonly bathrooms, kitchens, cellars and attics – they thrive in humidity.

Silverfish are nocturnal in habit and they mainly feed on starchy substances such as carbohydrate foods, glues and wall- paper paste. Silverfish can be very destructive, feeding on paper items such as books, photos and plaster

- Interesting facts about silverfish --

Interesting fact number 1:

A silverfish can grow a new leg if it loses one!

Interesting fact number 2:

The male silverfish spins a silk-thread structure, depositing a small dot of semen under one of the strands. He then coerces the female, by pushing, until she walks beneath one of the strands held tight by the male, comes into contact with the semen and absorbs it into her own body.

Wow! that’s not a mating ritual you come across very often!

What can you do to keep the silverfish at bay?

  • Treat areas of damp

  • Control humidity

  • Keep dust and debris to a minimum

  • Vacuum regularly

  • Store food in containers with tight fitting lids

If you do find you have a silverfish, use of approved insecticides are most likely to prove effective.

If you need help with silverfish or any other pest control problem in Herefordshire give your local pest control business PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford a call today for a free no-obligation quote. Call us today on 01981 241334 / 07964 370480 for a free no-obligation quote. Or email us at


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