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Having a problem with Wasps? We’ve got it covered!

As we’ve started to receive some early call outs to deal with wasps’ nests, this week we’re focusing on the wasp.

As the wasp season looms large PGM & Son Wasp Control Hereford is giving Herefordshire residents a heads up on the wasp.

Despite having a fierce reputation, the wasp isn’t all bad.

WASP FACT No1: Wasps are early pollinators and that means they are good for the environment!

WASP ALERT – leave the wasps to do their good pollination work wherever possible.

Where are wasps most beneficial in Hereford?

Wasps are particularly beneficial in gardens as natural predators, controlling insect pests such as greenfly. Wasps also feed their grubs on caterpillars and other insects and this reduces other pest populations. This is how wasps play an important ecological role across Herefordshire.

Living with a wasps’ nest isn’t always practical or feasible though. Sometimes a wasp nest may be in an inconvenient place or a wasp nest may be a public health issue where someone in your home suffers from allergic reactions.

If you’re being plagued by wasps then call PGM & Son Wasp Control Hereford for help. We can treat wasps’ nests for you.

Why am I seeing wasps now?

Queen wasps emerge from hibernation from March through to May normally so you may start seeing them around this time of year.

WASP FACT No2: Queen wasps get their sweet sugary liquids as nectar from flowers making them valuable pollinators. Lots of people mistakenly assume that they must have a nest when Queens emerge in spring and sadly many of the queens are killed off.

Important! Leave the Queen Be! Long live the Queen!

Don’t be afraid if you see a Queen wasp. Two tips to dealing with a Queen wasp sighting:

  • Open up your windows to let the Queen wasp escape

  • Block entry points into your property from the outside to “wasp proof” your property

As the wasp season gets underway, wasps’ nests often increase in size, and this is when wasps may cause an issue. Apart from being a nuisance, wasps can often present a serious risk to public health.

If you have a wasps’ nest, it’s best not to treat it yourself. Treating wasps’ nests can be extremely dangerous as wasps can become extremely aggressive if threatened. Unlike bees, wasps don’t die after one sting and multiple stings from multiple wasps can be extremely painful and, in severe cases, fatal.

To keep yourself and your family and customers from harm, always call in the wasp professionals. Wasp controllers have access to a range of solutions to treat wasps which are not available to the public. Wasp guys also wear protective clothing to avoid being stung and wasp controllers are trained to deal with wasps’ nests.

If you can, let your wasps, especially the Queens, do their early pollination work and keep an eye out for nests in your home or business in Herefordshire. If you do have a wasp problem, give PGM & Son Wasp Control Hereford a call – we offer a fast, reliable, local wasp next removal service across Herefordshire.

For all your pest control needs, give PGM & Son Wasp Control Hereford a call on 01981 251116 or 07964 370480 for a free no-obligation chat.

If you prefer, you can email us at or you can use the live chat facility on our website.


We’rhaving-a-problem-with-wasps-we-ve-got-it-coverede always on the end of the ‘phone for advice so don’t worry about your wasp or other pest problems, give us a call now.


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