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One small step for a Pest Controller one giant leap for Sustainability

This week we look at how pest controllers can reduce the environmental impact of their operations and deliver best practice.

Is sustainable pest control possible?

You might ask yourself, given that a common view is that pest control is all about killing rodents and insects. But this is an old fashioned and inaccurate view of pest control because pest control isn’t, and shouldn’t, be solely about eradication. Of course, eradication is a reality when dealing with a pest infestation but what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s not the main part of a pest controllers’ job at all.

Pest control is about helping people. It’s about finding out how a pest problem has occurred. It’s about finding solutions to problems. It’s about looking for ways to prevent a pest problem in the first place and to prevent one happening again. It’s about education. And it’s about balancing the needs of public health against protecting the environment.

So, what can pest controllers do to champion sustainable pest control?

  •  Promote and encourage integrated pest management

  •  Adopt the risk hierarchy model when dealing with rodents:

  •  Carry out environmental risk assessments

  •  Take measures to prevent access

  •  Take steps to deny rodents a food and water source

  •  Remove harbourage

  •  Consider all non-poison / chemical options first and foremost

  •  Reduce waste and dispose of waste correctly

  •  Reduce your carbon footprint where you can by using electric or hybrid vehicles or by planning your route to avoid unnecessary journeys

  •  Don’t treat bees unless there is a serious and present risk to public health. Consider removal first.

  •  Engage with other experts in the industry – share best practice and learn from others

  •  Help your customers look for non-chemical-based solutions such as use of natural predators like cats for long term rodent issues

  •  Make sure your back-office operations are environmentally friendly – use less ink, recycle and use recycled materials. Look for ways to use less paper – this can be quite tricky in a role that requires a report for every pest visit we do!

At PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford, stewardship & sustainability is top of our agenda. Check out our blogs to see how we’re helping the pest industry by ensuring we do our best to be environmentally friendly. We’re also delighted to have been shortlisted as finalists in the Sustainability Initiative of the Year category at this year’s Pest Management Awards.

If you want to know more about our green credentials, email us at or use the live chat facility on our website and if we’re not available on the live chat for any reason then there’s a handy message service for you to leave your details so we can call you back.



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