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From hibernation to infestation; Pests emerging as the weather warms up

From hibernation to infestation; Pests emerging as the weather warms up

As the weather heats up, the pests are starting to wake up too!

With reports of increased honey swarm bees across the UK due to the warmer weather off the back of a rainy April and May, we’re looking at what other pests are causing us an issue in May and June.

Britain's wasp population set to soar this summer

PGM & SON; Wasp Nest Removal Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Wasps and hornets can be a major source of concern for many householders and business owners.

Wasps and hornets are nuisance pests and, for some, a considerable public health issue.

Allergies to wasp and hornet stings can cause significant adverse allergic reactions and in rare cases, fatalities.

Call us today to help with your Wasp infestation. We are your local wasp extermination specialists, with emergency response. Family Run Business. Open 7 days a week. Award winning pest control services. Call today on 01981 540088.

Bee and wasp stings in dogs; an allergic reaction

PGM & SON; Bee and wasp stings in dogs, hives

For dog guardians wasps, hornets and bees can also cause concern as our furry friends can also suffer from insect sting allergies.

Puppies in particular can be difficult to manage as they chase these buzzing insects, trying to catch and play with them.

A puppy suffering from a wasp, hornet or bee sting can very quickly develop an allergic reaction such as being covered in itchy raised hives which may cause discomfort and distress.

In very serious cases, dogs can suffer anaphylaxis just like humans.

Does warmth attract Insects?

Virtually all types of insects thrive and develop faster in warmer weather. Wasps, bees and hornets are all pollinators and therefore critical to our fragile ecosystem.

PGM & SON; From hibernation to infestation; Pests emerging as the weather warms up, blog image

Particularly with bees, it is important to leave them to get on with that important eco work.

However, for some people (or their animals!) wasps and hornets can pose a real risk to public health and will need to be treated.

So make sure you, your family, customers and furry friends are safe and wasp free this June by calling PGM & SON Wasp Control Hereford for all your wasp and hornet control needs.

How The Weather Can Impact Ant Infestations

Another pest we tend to see an increase in, as the weather starts to heat up is the ANT!

Ants are attracted to sweet foodstuffs and liquids and one reason why we start to see an increase in ants is when people start to eat and drink outside in the nice weather leaving food and drink residues for ants to feed to their larvae and queen.

Ants are highly organized and social insects and fascinating to watch. However, they are also a nuisance pest and potential public health issue as they move across worksurfaces, containers and crockery in their search for food.

Don’t suffer from ants this June, give PGM & SON Ant Control Hereford and Worcester a call for all your ant control needs.


What kind of pests do we treat?

From rats, to wasps, silverfish, pigeons, bed bugs, and cockroaches, PGM & SON Pest Control are experts in treating every pest in your household or business premises. We are the local specialist for wasp nest removal and hornet & wasp extermination in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Call us today or use the online booking system and let our pest exterminators get rid of your pest problems without delay.

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